Test Your Network Safety with an IT Assessment Don’t wait until after a cyber attack to see where your vulnerabilities lie. Use an IT assessment from Americom to see if your sensitive data is at risk.

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What Does an IT Audit Look For?

Despite cyber security’s advancements over the years, cyber criminals are still able to pinpoint minuscule vulnerabilities in your system and gain access to your confidential information. Get an in-depth look into your network’s pitfalls with a comprehensive IT audit from Americom.

Business technology infrastructure is incredibly complicated, and there are many aspects of a network that can leave your business susceptible to disaster. IT disasters can include cyber attacks, natural disasters, human errors, and hardware and software failures. Even a single IT disaster can be financially ruinous for your business, and many companies never recover. IT audits search for vulnerabilities in your network that could lead to a data breach, legal infraction, or data loss event.

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Don’t Leave Your Data Vulnerable to an Attack Schedule an IT Risk Evaluation

At Americom, we’ve conducted countless IT network assessments and uncovered significant flaws in our clients’ cyber security strategies. If you’ve been putting off an IT audit or want to double check your current providers’ work, schedule an IT risk evaluation today.

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Why Should You Schedule a Network Infrastructure Assessment?

If you’ve used the same network security practices for the past few years with no issue, you might think an IT audit is unnecessary. After all, plenty of business owners get by each day with outdated systems and bare-bones cyber security measures. However, these business owners risk losing their entire business if disaster strikes. If you want to safeguard your business for the future, an IT audit is an essential yearly practice.

Cyber attacks can cost your business hundreds of thousands of dollars. As a small business owner, the financial repercussions of one attack could shut down your operations forever. Even if you think you have a solid IT strategy, scheduling an IT network assessment is an effective risk management practice. Plus, IT audits are far cheaper than cyber disasters.

Americom wants to help strengthen your network, even if you already partner with another IT provider. We conduct network infrastructure assessments for businesses all around the St. Louis area. Once we complete your audit, we provide a report that you can keep and reference in the future. Whether you want us to audit another company’s work, assess your current strategy for vulnerabilities, or help you develop a business technology strategy from scratch, Americom is here to handle your IT needs.

  • Thorough Risk Assessment

    We conduct a thorough assessment of your information security risks and pinpoint gaps in your security strategy.

  • Detailed Report

    Once we finish our IT audit, we compile our results into a detailed report with recommended steps to follow.

  • Peace of Mind

    Even if we only find minor issues in your assessment, it gives you peace of mind that your data is secure and your finances are safe.