Restore Your Data with Disaster Recovery Services Keep your stored information safe during an unexpected disaster with data recovery services from Americom.

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When Do You Need Data Recovery Services?

If you’re like most businesses, you store a significant amount of critical business data on your network. During a natural disaster, power outage, or cyber attack, you might lose access to some or all of your data. Make sure a data loss doesn’t do serious damage to your business by partnering with Americom for disaster recovery services.

Disaster recovery services on hard drive.

Most businesses store data on their networks. Some use hard drives and physical servers, and others store data on cloud-based software systems. Virtual data storage is a secure, environmentally friendly way to keep records, but even cloud services can suffer from software issues. Many scenarios can lead to data loss, including:

To prevent a disaster from wreaking havoc on your business, Americom can help you incorporate backup solutions into your everyday business practices. We also offer disaster recovery solutions if you lose access to data during or after a disaster.


of Small Businesses Never Reopen After a Disaster


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Using Data Backup, Protection, and Encryption to Prevent Loss

You don’t have to lose your business data forever in the event of a disaster. There are many preventative measures you can take to protect your sensitive information. Americom offers encryption, backup, and recovery services to ensure you have access to data during and after a disaster. By encrypting and backing up sensitive information, you can make sure it won’t end up in the wrong hands or disappear.

At Americom, we believe that prevention is an essential step in any disaster recovery plan. It is incredibly challenging to restore unprotected data, but it’s simple to regain access to data that’s protected, stored, and backed up in multiple places. Our IT experts guide clients in creating a continuity plan, incorporating backup storage methods, and regaining access to compromised data.

  • Creating a Business Continuity Plan

    By developing a comprehensive, step-by-step plan for disaster recovery, you can ensure a high recovery success rate. Americom will help you identify and protect vulnerable data, establish a procedure for storing and backing up sensitive data, and create a data recovery plan for various disaster scenarios.

  • Using Backup Storage Methods

    There are many types of backups that your business can use to protect your data. Americom can help you incorporate cloud backups, hardware backups, and incremental backup strategies that best fit your business. With multiple storage methods, you won’t risk a total data loss during a disaster.

  • Restoring Recovered Data

    After a disaster, it can take a significant amount of time to get your business up and running again. At Americom, we use multiple recovery strategies to get your data back as soon as possible. If you use cloud storage, we can recover your data from a remote location. For physical data storage, we can help pull data from backup hard drives and servers.

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Quickly Recover Data After a Disaster

Data loss events can occur when we least expect them. If you want to get your business back on its feet as quickly as possible, it’s crucial to have a continuity plan and data recovery strategy in place. With disaster recovery services from Americom, you can focus on your business while we protect your data from loss.

Don’t let an unforeseen disaster shut down your business and cause chaos—contact Americom today to learn how we can protect your data and recover it when a disaster strikes.