Test Your Communications Strategy with a Telecom Audit Are you overspending on your telecommunications system? Is your network prepared for a new VoIP phone system? Find out with a telecom audit from Americom.

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What Do Telecom Audits Look For?

Telecom audit services on network hardware.

Businesses spend a significant amount of money on technology each year. If you audit your finances and your IT strategy, you should consider auditing your telecommunications expenses as well. Telecom expense audits often reveal significant overspending and underutilization of resources. When our Americom team evaluates your telecommunications expenditures, we look at telecom billing statements to identify billing errors, opportunities for cost reduction, and charges for unused services.

Billing audits allow businesses to optimize their telecom expense management strategy. After an expense audit, you might find that switching from a landline to an IP phone system would save you a significant amount of money. You might also learn that you should switch to a new VoIP plan to avoid paying for services that your employees don’t use. Even if a telecom expense audit only finds one minor billing error, it provides an opportunity for you to see exactly what you spend on telecommunications throughout the year.

If you want a more detailed analysis of how your employees use your telecommunications system, Americom can provide a telecom key performance indicator (KPI) analysis.

Components of a Telecom KPI Analysis

Telecom providers use metrics to determine if they’re making money off of the services they provide to you. You can also get a third-party KPI analysis to determine if your telecom services meet performance goals and support your employees. Auditors can look for various performance indicators during a KPI analysis, depending on your business and goals.

KPIs can include call quality, customer satisfaction, calls missed or dropped, service reliability, software outages, and cost per user. Telecom KPI analyses provide a detailed, in-depth evaluation of every aspect of your communications system, from expenses to system function.

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Many business owners don’t realize that they’re paying for made-up telecom fees and services they’ve never used. Schedule a telecom audit from Americom and learn how you can drastically reduce telecom costs.

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What Are VoIP Network Assessments?

After seeing the results of their Americom telecom audit, many companies decide to make the switch from landline phone systems to business VoIP. However, implementing a new VoIP system isn’t always a straightforward process. Companies often find themselves with inadequate resources to handle a cloud-based phone system.

During a voice over internet protocol (VoIP) network assessment, we test to see if your current infrastructure will be strong enough to support high-quality voice calls over an internet connection. Business owners often have to upgrade their networks and change security settings before installing a hosted VoIP service.

When completing a VoIP assessment, Americom determines if your network can withstand the strain of a VoIP system addition. We also test to see if your network and security settings will hinder installation. Once we’ve cleared your current network for VoIP installation, we can perform test cloud-based phone calls to ensure high call quality.

  • Infrastructure Assessments

    Americom tests your hardware, bandwidth capacity, signal strength, upload and download speeds, and packet loss occurrence. We can determine if your business will need network upgrades to handle a switch to VoIP.

  • Security Setting Evaluations

    During a VoIP assessment, we check to see if any of your network or security settings will interfere with VoIP installation. Additionally, we identify security risks that might exist after installing a new IP phone system.

  • Test Calls

    We can predict how well your network will support VoIP, but we won’t truly know until we make a test call on your network. Test voice calls help us identify sound quality issues and determine if your network can handle your expected call volume.

Partner With Americom for VoIP Assessments and Telecom Audits

Americom wants to make sure that your St. Louis business gets the most out of its telecommunication strategy. If you already have a hosted VoIP provider, we can audit your current expenditures to see if you’re getting the most out of your services. We also offer landline telecom audits and VoIP assessments for businesses that are ready to implement a new system.

Our team of telecommunications experts can pinpoint minor billing errors and identify unnecessary charges from your provider. We thoroughly evaluate your costs per employee and find opportunities for cost savings. If you need an expert opinion on your telecommunications strategy, contact us today to learn more about our telecom audit services.