Using Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) To Improve Customer Satisfaction Exceed customer expectations by incorporating cutting-edge contact center technology into your business.

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Virtual Contact Center Basics

If your business relies on customer sales to stay afloat, having an effective customer communication system is vital. Traditional call centers require employees to use hardware in your office to take calls. Virtual contact centers give your employees the freedom to connect with customers from any location through various channels.

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As customer needs have evolved over the past few decades, customer communication methods have evolved with them. These days, customers use various channels to contact customer service representatives, including chats, emails, social media messages, and phone calls. Virtual contact centers take these communication channels and make them available from one cloud-based platform.

In the past, customer service representatives had to travel to an onsite call center and respond to customer inquiries over a landline phone system. Cloud-based virtual contact center software eliminates the need for onsite phone lines and can be used from employer-provided desk phones, employee mobile devices, and laptops. When employees work from home or travel, they can interact with customers using an internet connection.

Contact center as a service (CCaaS) refers to the complete management of your call center software by a third-party IT provider. By partnering with Americom for UCaaS software, you don’t have to worry about purchasing hardware, training your employees, or dealing with software issues. We handle every aspect of contact center maintenance, use our IT expertise to identify the right platforms, and integrate contact center software into your existing technology infrastructure.


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Choosing the Right Contact Center Infrastructure

Once you decide to make the switch from an onsite call center to a virtual contact center, you’ll need your service provider to install a contact center infrastructure (CCI). CCI includes the hardware and software that work in tandem during customer interactions. Some CCaaS offerings operate entirely on the cloud and don’t require any additional hardware.

If you choose a hosted CCaaS system from Americom, we house your CCI hardware components on our premises, minimizing the equipment in your office. We offer desk phone and headset hardware for your customer service representatives to use in the office, and our team handles the integration and installation of CCaaS software. Our software solutions are customizable to fit your company’s needs.

  • Unified Communications

    CCaaS systems enable your call center agents to handle different types of customer inquiries from one application. Employees can chat, call, and email using a contact center desktop application.

  • Automatic Call Distribution

    Virtual contact centers automatically route calls to available agents and give customers options to choose between different service areas. With automatic routing, calls are distributed to agents evenly to avoid service delays.

  • Reporting

    CCaaS software lets your employees record calls and take notes about interactions. If a customer calls back regarding an issue they already discussed with an agent, they don’t have to re-explain their issue.

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Become an Americom CCaaS Partner

Americom offers a variety of hosted phone solutions that improve employee and customer experiences. If your company isn’t customer-facing, our UCaaS hosted communication solutions give your employees the ability to collaborate internally and communicate with business clients. For companies that need customer communication and internal communication systems, we can combine UCaaS and CCaaS functionality.

With our hosted cloud-based phone systems, you can use your existing internet connection to call clients and colleagues. VoIP , UCaaS, and CCaaS solutions require minimal hardware and eliminate the need for copper phone lines. If you want to save money on business communications, improve customer satisfaction, and make your employees’ jobs easier, contact Americom today.