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Abandon Inflexible and Inconvenient Communication Methods Use Our Cloud Hosted Phone Services

Traditional phone systems only work if your employees are in the office. Additionally, your employees can’t make video calls, share their screen, or instant message with coworkers from a desk phone. Luckily, you don’t have to use a landline for your business phone system—cloud-based phone systems work just as well with some added perks.

With a cloud phone system, you don’t have to pay to run a phone line to your office or use phone hardware. Employees use internet phone systems from an app on their computer or cell phone to make calls from their business phone number. Hosted phone systems have more capabilities than landlines, and they are almost always cheaper. Americom offers cloud-based phone systems from top brands like Microsoft and Elevate that we can customize for your business.


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Why Choose Americom for Your Business Phone System? Our Service Is Top Notch

Americom is a locally owned St. Louis business, and we care about our clients. If you have an issue with your business phone system, we are always here to help. Our clients can call our help desk and immediately speak with a real person to solve their issues. If we can’t fix your issue over the phone, a help desk technician can start a remote problem-solving session or come to your business for onsite service.

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  • Save Money

    Businesses that switch from landline to internet phone systems can cut their monthly phone bills by up to half. Because you don’t have to pay to run a line or buy equipment from a landline company, the upfront costs for hosted phone services are cheaper as well.

  • Take Calls From Any Location

    With a cloud-based office phone system, your employees can make and receive company calls from any location. When your employees work remotely, they don’t have to use their personal phone numbers for business.

  • Use One App to Communicate

    If your employees talk to each other through voice, video, and chat, hosted unified communications (UC) systems let them do all three from one app. Americom’s UC offerings are easy to use and convenient.

Cut Costs, Help Your Employees, and Satisfy Customers Choose From Americom’s Business Phone Services

Contact Center

Businesses that make their money from customer sales usually have a call center in their office. Call centers route customer calls to service representatives who solve problems and answer questions. Virtual contact centers do the same thing, but your customer service representatives are able to work anywhere. Your employees can chat, email, or voice call with customers from their cell phones or laptops.

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Unified Communications

Most employees, especially those who work from home, use many forms of office communication. They instant message with coworkers, share their screens when they need assistance, and video conference with clients. Unified communications (UC) platforms let your employees talk to coworkers and clients in different ways using one simple app on their phone or laptop.

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Telecom Audit

Many business owners pay their monthly phone bills without actually checking what they’re paying for. Americom’s telecom audits go over your monthly charges, extra fees, and service costs to see if you’re paying for things you don’t need. We can also check to see if your business is ready to move to an internet phone system. Our audits help companies find the best phone system for their office at the lowest price.

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Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) phones work like landline phones, but they use your internet connection instead of copper phone lines. With VoIP phones, your employees can use a hosted private bank exchange (PBX) system to transfer calls, dial coworker extensions, and put clients on hold. Americom stores your VoIP phone hardware as part of our hosted services, so you don’t have to keep bulky equipment in your office.

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Your St. Louis Hosted Phone Service Provider

Switching to a cloud-based hosted phone service is a great way for small businesses to save money on their phone bills. Hosted phone systems also increase office productivity and give your employees a better way to connect with their coworkers when working from home. At Americom, our number one priority is our clients, and we want to improve their companies with cloud hosted phones.

Americom has been serving the St. Louis area for over 30 years. As we’ve grown, our focus has remained on service. We are always there for our clients when they have issues with their IT services, hosted phones, and office printers. Our team solves client issues as quickly as possible because we know how frustrating it can be to sit around waiting for help. If you’re tired of bad service and want to switch to a local St. Louis phone provider, contact Americom today.

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