Eliminate Paper Files With Document Capture Automation Americom can transform your paper files into safe, searchable, easily accessible virtual documents.

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How Does Document Automation Work?

Paper documents are a simple way for businesses to collect essential information from clients and reference it later. However, physical files are bulky, difficult to search, and vulnerable to loss or theft. Document capture automation software takes your paper records and turns them into interactive, cloud-based files.

Document capture software being used on laptop.

Businesses collect and store countless contracts, human resources documents, invoices, accounts payable reports, and other confidential documents. In the past, companies housed paper files in cabinets and boxes in their offices. When they needed to reference a document, they had to search through hundreds of paper files. Now, businesses can collect, store, and access electronic files over their network.

Document capture automation uses document scanners to create virtual files and convert them into searchable documents. Virtual files are accessible from any location, as long as your employees have an internet connection. If they need to search for a specific form or keyword within a file, document automation software pulls files related to their search. Instead of manually sifting through papers, your employees can instantly access the documents they need.

Americom provides our clients with state-of-the-art document automation software from Square9 . We can build a customized software system to best fit the needs of your industry and your employees. Square9 software automates your accounting, HR, and IT compliance practices while boosting employee productivity.

Benefits of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Document Automation

Regardless of size, function, or industry, every business uses documentation of some sort during their business processes. Large companies that serve a high volume of clients might send hundreds of documents to clients every day using customer relationship management (CRM) software. CRM software automates client interactions and tracks the movement of files between business and client.

During a single business deal, your company creates and sends dozens of documents to clients. Sometimes clients sign off on documents right away, or they return them with revisions. If you don’t record every tiny detail in the process, you can lose track of changes and throw your timeline off track. Document automation software logs every step of a document’s progress, allowing you to reference specific changes and dates during a deal. As a result, your employees can save time and improve their client service.

In addition to saving your employees time, document automation software can keep confidential information secure. Americom understands how complex it can be to maintain compliance with government and internal cybersecurity standards, so we offer trusted software solutions that meet these standards. Square9 virtual files are backed up and only accessible to qualified employees.

  • Scalable

    Our Americom team will consult with your company to determine your current needs and purchase the components of Square9 software that benefit your business now. As your company grows, we can add and customize additional capabilities, such as invoice processing or email scanning.

  • Convenient

    Square9 software captures documents, makes them interactive, stores them in designated locations, and extracts essential data. Because client information is housed on the cloud, your employees can quickly find the documents they need, whether they’re at the office or working remotely.

  • Secure

    Our team wants to ensure that your data is safe. That’s why Americom partners with Square9—their software securely stores documents and maintains compliance with industry security standards. Additionally, Square9 software automatically backs up data and recovers it easily after a disaster.

Document capture automation software on computer.

Americom Handles Your Document Automation Needs

Switching from paper files to cloud-based documents can be tricky. If you decide to make the switch as an Americom partner, we’ll handle the implementation and maintenance of your new digital document software. We’re always available for service if you have issues with your software or need to scale up your system.

Content management is an integral part of your business. Let us deal with the complicated logistics and ensure your data capture process runs as smoothly as possible. We provide high-quality software, on-demand service, and complete management of your IT strategy. Contact Americom today to learn more about our document automation services and how they can benefit your St. Louis business.