Simplify Content Creation with a Content Management System Anyone can create a polished website or digital document using a content management system from Americom.

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CMS (Content Management System) Basics

Customers access information about your business on the internet. Company websites, blogs, and portfolios give potential clients essential information about your products and services. If you want your business to have a high-quality digital presence, content management software gives you the tools to create, manage, and publish online content.

Content management system on a laptop.

You don’t need to have any specialized computer skills to create and publish a website. Over the past few decades, companies have developed CMS software that lets users create, revise, and post various forms of digital content. Different types of CMS platforms are available to help create blogs, develop web pages, write digital brochures, and design online learning courses.

Because CMS platforms come with preloaded templates for content creation, you don’t have to deal with complicated back-end logistics. Instead of creating your website from scratch using code, you choose your website design and load text into the CMS, which then turns it into a webpage, online store, or blog post. Multiple employees can access your CMS platform using a web application and collaborate on digital content creation projects.

CMS platforms can combine with enterprise content management (ECM) software systems. ECM platforms automate the creation, use, and storage of digital documents. If you use a CMS to write and publish content, your ECM can store copies of digital documents and prompt employees to create, edit, upload, and post them through online channels.

Americom helps clients find time-saving, convenient CMS technology solutions that streamline digital content creation. We can help you identify the right CMS for your business and use it to curate your online presence. If your business needs a comprehensive solution for capturing digital files, eliminating paper documents, creating content, and managing digital files, we can implement an ECM into your business processes.

Want to Take Charge of Your Online Presence?Implement Electronic Content Management Solutions From Americom

You don’t have to outsource your company’s website creation process to end up with a polished, high-quality online presence. CMS and ECM platforms allow you to manage content and control how your company appears in search engines. The Americom team can help you find, implement, and manage CMS and ECP platforms for your business.

Document Management Solutions

Benefits of Enterprise Content Management Platforms

Information management can be a significant undertaking for businesses. Every document that makes its way through your company needs to be recorded, accessed, reviewed, edited, and archived. If you want to keep your business running smoothly, your employees must complete every step in the document management process. ECM systems use automation to ensure that every phase of a document’s lifecycle is documented, completed, and recorded.

ECM platforms like Square9 capture electronic documents, create document workflows, and collect file data. During digital content creation, your employees can share files, approve changes, and work together to create a finished product for publication. Because ECM solutions record every stage in a document’s creation and automatically prompt designated users to sign off on changes, you’ll never lose track of a project or miss a step in your records management process.

Americom partners with Square9 to provide cutting-edge document automation and content creation technology for our business partners. We can help your business streamline its document management process and track content creation within a CMS platform. Our content management and enterprise management solutions are a cost-effective way to take control of your company’s digital presence and simplify your information management strategy.

  • Accountability

    ECM software keeps your employees accountable for changes to digital documents. You don’t have to keep track of where a document is at in its lifecycle—your ECM system will record each stage of a file’s creation and prompt your employees to complete specific tasks.

  • Collaboration

    Content creation and enterprise management platforms operate on the cloud, allowing your employees to access documents and collaborate with coworkers from anywhere. ECMs prompt employees to tweak documents and work together when creating digital content.

  • Compliance

    If your business is subject to government standards, an ECM can ensure that each sensitive document goes through the necessary documentation and storage compliance steps. ECMs can also automate elements of your standardized internal content creation process.