Incorporate a Document Management System Into Your Business Processes Keep track of every business document, from customer contracts to purchase orders, with a document management system from Americom.

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Automatically Capture, Store, and Manage Files Switch to an Electronic Document Management System

Every business keeps records. When you hire an employee, you collect tax documents and signed agreements. During business deals, you keep records of client contracts, invoices, and project information. Even small businesses have to deal with a large volume of documents. You can choose to keep paper documents in filing cabinets or store your files on the cloud, where information is always accessible and easy to find.

By moving your document management strategy to the cloud, you can get rid of bulky paper files and use your internet connection to organize, edit, and store documents. Because document management software searches through your files and pulls out key data, your employees can easily search for information. Additionally, automated document software assigns tasks to employees who need to revise, approve, or send out a file.

Americom partners with Square9 to offer our clients electronic document management system (EDMS) solutions. Square9 software captures documents, uploads them to the cloud, makes them searchable, and creates tasks for employees to complete. We can customize the software depending on your business needs. Plus, if you already use a customer relationship management or accounting platform, Square9 document management tools work together with existing platforms.


Error Reduction When Companies Switch to Document Management Software


Documents Shared Daily by Workers on Average


Average Percentage of Paper Documents That Get Lost

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Why Choose Americom as Your CRM Document Management Partner? We’re Always Available To Help

Switching to electronic document management can be a tricky process. At Americom, we’ll walk you through every step of the process and teach your employees how to use new software. If you need help solving document management issues or scaling up your system, our help desk technicians are available by phone, email, or remote sessions.

Our Help Desk Services

  • Save Time

    Your employees can search keywords to find the documents they need. Plus, they don’t have to manually enter data in the document management system because it automatically takes information from scanned files and records it.

  • Keep Information Secure

    Some business documents are highly confidential. If government regulatory compliance standards apply to your business, electronic document management software will protect your data and help you follow cybersecurity guidelines.

  • Access Data Anywhere

    When you use paper files to store data, your employees can’t access them when they’re working remotely. Electronic data software uses cloud storage to make files available from any location as long as you have internet access.

Simplify Accounting, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), or Content Creation WorkflowsChoose From Americom’s Document Management System Solutions

Content Management

You can use software to create websites, blog posts, online stores, and other digital media. Square9’s enterprise content management system automatically creates tasks that remind employees to complete specific content creation steps. By using a content management system, you can easily manage your company’s digital presence and keep track of every step in a digital project.

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Document Capture Automation

Square9 can take your paper documents, emails, or digital files and transform them into searchable documents. Your employees won’t have to sift through emails or meeting records to know when a document was shared or changed—they can quickly check in the document capture system. Document capture automation software helps you keep track of every step in a business deal.

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AR and AP

Your accounting department has to keep track of client payments and vendor invoices. Square9’s accounts receivable (AR) and accounts payable (AP) software stores invoices and other financial documents, automatically captures and stores data, and lets users know when they need to make or collect payment. Accounting document automation software reduces errors and increases productivity.

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Optimize Your Microsoft Document Management System

Many businesses use Microsoft software to create and store documents. SharePoint Online is a cloud-based document management system that lets your employees access and organize documents. If you already use a Microsoft system, we can add Square9 capabilities to optimize your document management solution.

Americom uses Square9 as its sole document automation system because of its advanced capabilities, scalability, and ability to combine with other technology. You can use Square9 to edit documents, manage tasks, automate invoices, and keep data safe. If your business grows or shifts its focus, we can change your Square9 capabilities to best fit your changing needs. Square9 also incorporates seamlessly with other software, including QuickBooks, SharePoint, and Salesforce.

Our team focuses on finding the top technology solutions for our clients. We help St. Louis businesses in every industry overhaul their document management strategy. If you’re ready to switch to an electronic document management system and want expert help throughout every step of the process, contact Americom today.

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