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Why Your IT Department Needs Managed Print Services

October 24th, 2021 by admin

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Your IT department is a vital part of your organization. Whenever an employee runs into a technical problem, your IT team is there to assist. Although these professionals are trained to address a wide range of technology issues, they aren't experts in everything. Occasionally, your IT staff are given tasks they aren't well-equipped to handle.

How Managed Print Services Benefit Your IT

One issue that your IT department may struggle with is common network printer problems. Printer related problems and solutions are often left to IT specialists. While it may seem like something that would naturally fall under the normal technology umbrella, this kind of problem requires specific knowledge. Your IT staff won't be as effective in solving this issue as a dedicated print specialist would be.

When printer problems need to be resolved, it's always best to get help from someone who knows how to troubleshoot printer issues. Otherwise, you risk making the problem worse. Since 23% of all helpdesk calls tend to be printer related, managed print services offer significant value to any IT department.

Here are a few in-depth ways your IT department can benefit from this service:

Improved IT Resource Management

Similar to other divisions in your organization, your IT department doesn't have endless resources. When resources are spread thin, mistakes are more likely to be made. By having your IT team handle your printer needs, you're adding to their already heavy workload.

Instead of dedicating valuable resources to managing your printing infrastructure, you can outsource it to a third-party vendor. With managed print services, you know your equipment is in the hands of specialists in this area. It also frees up your IT staff to focus on other important objectives within your company. Additionally, all employees benefit from an IT department with more time to work on projects.

Improved Efficiency

As a direct result of freeing up the department's resources, your IT staff can narrow the scope of their job responsibilities. With less of a workload, IT helpdesk response times should noticeably improve. This also means you can commit your team to more value-driving internal projects.

Better Security

When you hear the word cybersecurity, you're probably thinking of devices like laptops and phones. While it may be the last thing that comes to mind, the security of your printing solution is just as important. Poor printing security creates a way for hackers and malware to infiltrate your network. No matter how successful your business is, no company can afford to be hacked.

How your printer is installed and its connection to your various devices can determine how productive your workflows are. It can also determine the success of your cybersecurity measures. Having dedicated managed print services handle your device setup ensures the integrity of your entire print infrastructure.

Installation isn't the only solution managed print services provide. A print services technician can implement and oversee the security features of your print environment, including data encryption, user authentication, regular patching, and software updates.

Reduced Downtime

If your printer breaks down, it can result in lengthy downtime. The longer the downtime, the more your employees' productivity is impacted. A bottleneck like this can often be felt throughout the organization and affect your bottom line.

When you invest in managed print services, your provider performs regular preventive maintenance. Acting as a security blanket, preventive maintenance allows the technician to identify and fix any signs of wear and tear. With this service, you can extend the life of your print devices.

Keep Your Printer in Peak Condition

Whether printing is a major part of your operations or not, your business can benefit from partnering with Americom. Our managed print services not only optimize your hardware, but help you reduce print-related costs. Our program provides system assessments, action plans, software implementation, print fleet monitoring, and supply management.

If you'd like to learn more about the benefits of managed print services, contact us today.

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