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The Best Microsoft Teams Integrations

July 19th, 2022 by admin

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The workforce is becoming increasingly mobile, which has created a need for virtual collaboration solutions. Microsoft was one of the companies to step in and fill that gap with Microsoft Teams. Now, more than 330,000 companies worldwide use the app, making it the fastest-growing app in the company's history. One of the major benefits that helped propel the popularity of Teams is its ability to integrate other software.

The Best Microsoft Teams Integrations

Teams has a lot to offer, but its full potential can only be realized by taking advantage of Microsoft Teams integration. Microsoft Teams integration allows the app to work seamlessly with numerous programs meant for communication, productivity, project management, human resources, and much more. If your business is using Teams, make sure you're getting the most out of it with these Microsoft Teams integrations:

Slack Teams Integrations

Two of the most commonly used communication platforms for business are Microsoft Teams and Slack. Some organizations even use both solutions to communicate with people outside of the business. The problem is that it's extremely inconvenient to move in and out of Microsoft Teams and Slack. Fortunately, Teams allows you to integrate Slack into its platform. This means you can continue using Teams and your clients can use the platform they want because your messages are translated between apps.

Zoom Teams Integration

Over the pandemic, Zoom became the way to host video meetings thanks to its simple click-to-call interface. With Microsoft Teams integration, you can set up Zoom calls just as easy from your app. By integrating this video software with Teams, you can start video meetings instantly using Teams bot commands. When you're ready to call, a Zoom bot sends you a unique link for your meeting to share with others. Zoom chat and Teams can also be integrated so you can stay on Teams to send messages to the people you're talking to on Zoom.

Teams Salesforce Integration

Salesforce is one of the leading customer relationship management (CRM) platforms on the market today. It's also another piece of software that's compatible for Microsoft Teams integration. When Salesforce is integrated, Teams can provide context about Salesforce records in Teams channels, along with chat conversations, calendar meetings, and video conferences. Integration also helps you save time by eliminating the need to switch between apps.

Twitter Integration

Twitter is one of the biggest social media platforms around and a great way to gather feedback from customers. By integrating Twitter into Teams, you can set up alerts that are relevant to your company. If someone tweets using your company's Twitter handle or your hashtag, that response is sent directly to Teams. This allows you to view, respond, or share without breaking your workflow.

Trello Integration

From boards to lists to cards, Trello is the go-to business application for project management. It's one of the best ways to organize and prioritize projects with complete flexibility. You can make Trello even more flexible by integrating it with Teams. Once Microsoft Teams integration is complete, you can see your Trello assignments, tasks, and notifications and have conversations about them without leaving Teams.

Jira Integration

If you need to plan, track, and release software, then there's a good chance your organization uses Jira. As a leading software development tool, it's a necessity for agile teams. Integrating it with Teams enables you to seamlessly visualize important things like development velocity, workloads, bug resolution, and app performance in real time.

Adobe Creative Cloud Integration

Adobe Creative Cloud is essential for any company that works on video, design, photography, and web design. It includes everything creatives need like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator CC, InDesign CC, Premiere Pro CC, and more. Through Microsoft Teams integration, you can easily share your work, get feedback, and stay up to date on tasks.

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