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How Outsourcing IT Services Can Help Counter the Great Resignation

September 20th, 2022 by admin

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Over 47 million Americans left their jobs in 2021. Every industry has been impacted by high turnover rates, IT included. If you're struggling to maintain an IT team internally, an outsourced IT department may be the answer for you.

Key Overview

  • The Great Resignation has made maintaining an internal IT department expensive and time consuming.
  • Outsourcing IT services is an ideal solution for companies struggling to keep a long-term IT department.
  • Benefits of an outsourced IT department include increased productivity, security, and flexibility.
  • Managed print services are another way to cut costs and increase your company's efficiency.

Does Your IT Department Have Empty Seats?

Every industry has been impacted by the Great Resignation, IT especially. IT jobs were already in high demand before turnover rates exploded, and they will outpace the rest of the job market over the next decade. A quality internal IT department is going to become even harder to come by.

A capable IT team is achievable when you partner with an IT outsourcing company. An outsourced IT department guarantees that you're getting the technology skills you need without the stress of managing your own department.

The Benefits of IT Outsourcing

Outsourcing IT services is an ideal solution for many companies. An outsourced IT department can guarantee that you're fulfilling your needs without wasting resources on things like hiring and training your own department. Benefits of IT outsourcing include:

Lower Costs

There are a lot of costs associated with maintaining your own department. Some of these costs include:

  • Hiring and training costs
  • Operational costs
  • Labor costs
  • Hardware and software costs

The Great Resignation has made paying IT workers a competitive wage prohibitively expensive. When you combine skyrocketing demand with low long-term retention, keeping an internal team seems impossible.

Outsourced IT services save money by making sure you only pay for what you need. All you have to do is specify which services you need and an outsourced team will handle them. An internal IT team will always have expenses that you can't account for, but you know exactly what you're getting with an outsourced IT department. An outsourced department will simplify your expenses, allowing you to budget more effectively.

Advanced Expertise

Outsourced IT companies have wide-ranging expertise and only hire talented employees well-versed in handling technology issues across industries. Finding the right employees in the modern workforce is difficult. Outsource your IT services and get the peace of mind knowing you're working with a talented team.

An outsourced IT department can also give small businesses access to big-business technology, including:

  • Cloud computing services
  • Software development
  • Advanced IT hardware

Whatever you need, partnering with an outsourced IT team means you're getting cutting-edge services and technology.

Increased Security

The average cost of a data breach in the U.S. is $8.64 million. Outsourced IT companies have the cybersecurity knowledge to prevent cyberattacks. An outsourced IT provider can guarantee you meet cybersecurity compliance with security measures like firewalls and data encryption. Outsourced IT companies can also perform assessments that determine the quality of your network security.

The Great Resignation has introduced unique security risks for internal IT departments: company data on employees' personal devices. This data is vulnerable to being breached by hackers, which could expose your company.

However, 34% of data breaches involve internal actors. Your former employees may consider breaching your company for financial gain. Invest in an outsourced IT provider to lock down your company's security. Whether you need a simple risk assessment or a detailed disaster recovery plan, an IT provider can help.

Improved Flexibility

Outsourcing your IT services makes your company extremely flexible by being able to focus on your core business instead of trivial IT tasks. How much time does your company spend troubleshooting and dealing with technology issues? Outsourcing your IT department minimizes wasted time and lets you devote your resources to what matters.

An outsourced IT department is also extremely scalable. An internal IT department has to be constantly adjusted as your company grows. In comparison, an outsourced model lets you scale your services easily to fit your current needs. Providers have a wide range of services available; explain your new needs to them and they can help. Outsourcing your IT services is an excellent way to prepare your company for the future.

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Why Outsource Print?

Managed print services are another way to counter the Great Resignation. Print services can:

You Can Retain Your Internal Team

Just because your internal team isn't meeting your needs right now doesn't mean they're not valuable members of your company. Your existing IT team is probably familiar with the tools, processes, and strategic framework of your business. This familiarity means they can fill in the gaps for outsourced teams.

Eliminate Maintenance

Managed print services (MPSs) eliminate the time your employees waste on all printer tasks. On top of printer maintenance, the processes of scanning, printing, and copying documents also take up time. MPSs also deal with minor issues like ink and toner replacement, taking maintenance items out of your hands and keeping your team more focused on your core business functions.

This print expertise is especially helpful since the Great Resignation because new employees can struggle learning their way around your printer. Partner with a MPS provider instead of training every new employee on the printer.

Extend Your Hardware's Service Life

MPSs extend the lifetime of your equipment. Employees often treat company equipment poorly, whether it's from frustration or ignorance. Partner with a professional to give your equipment the care it needs and keep it operational for years to come.

Reduce Costs

MPSs bring all of your devices together on a cloud-based system. This system optimizes your printer maintenance and can save money and time. Many MPS providers also offer system assessments that identify how to use your hardware in the most effective way.

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