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Announcing Our New President

April 29th, 2022 by admin

DJ Dillenberger, left, and Dave Dillenberger, right

For over 30 years, our President and Owner, Dave Dillenberger, has led Americom to new heights. From getting our business off the ground to implementing innovative techniques, he has done a tremendous job as our President.

Now, it's time to pass the torch to an equally talented and qualified individual, DJ Dillenberger. The son of Dave and Bonnie Dillenberger, he started part-time at Americom 10 years ago and has worked in shipping, fulfillment, delivery, setup, sales, and other departments.

For the past few years, he has acted as VP of Sales and Marketing at Americom. As someone who understands the ins and outs of operations, sales, and customer relationships, he is an exceptional candidate for this position and is excited to carry out the work of his father at only 27 years old.

DJ will now assume numerous responsibilities within his new role as President including:

  • Control of overall operations.
  • Hire, train, and develop the growth of Americom.
  • Pinpoint issues and take initiative on resolutions.
  • Ability to approve and improve productivity.
  • Running the business on a daily basis.

Dave and Bonnie Dillenberger stated:

“We are very proud of DJ for coming into this position. He has earned it after working his way through several different departments. We're proud he's chosen this career path at Americom and are confident that the team members and managers DJ has standing behind him will support his continued ambition to develop and grow Americom in the ongoing competitive market and challenges faced daily.”

They would also like to give a special shoutout to Darrin Denney, who has been promoted from CIO to General Manager & VP of Technology. After only two years of working with Americom, Denney has completed huge projects and grown exponentially in his career. He will now oversee a team of five people and organize technological operations.

With these exciting changes, Dave and Bonnie Dillenberger want to thank their loyal customers for supporting their family business over the last 30 years. As the owners of Americom, they're excited to support their clients in new ways as their son transitions into his new role as President.

Congratulations to DJ Dillenberger and Darrin Denney on their new positions. We can't wait to see the amazing things you do for our business and customers for years to come.

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